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        What kind of spark will be produced when artificial intelligence meets unmanned system

        "After the score of the college entrance examination came out, all over the country reflected that computer major was very hot this year, and artificial intelligence was consulted most." Chen Xu, Secretary of the Party committee of Tsinghua University, said at the third meeting of the "Great Wall Engineering Science and Technology Conference" held recently.
        With the heat wave of alpha dog sweeping the civil, industry and political circles, artificial intelligence has become the highland that strategists must contend for.
        It is predicted that artificial intelligence weapons will become the third revolution in the field of military technology after gunpowder and nuclear weapons. At the meeting, many academicians and experts agreed that the new innovative mode of civil military integration will boost the development of artificial intelligence in China to a new level.
        The general trend
        On June 27, MIT Technology Review Magazine published a list of "the world's 50 smartest companies", from which we can see that artificial intelligence is a hot topic. For example, NVIDIA is a representative enterprise of artificial intelligence, and iFLYTEK, a representative enterprise of artificial intelligence in China, ranked sixth in the list for the first time.
        Pan Yunhe, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that unlike the previous two rounds of upsurge caused by academia, this round of artificial intelligence warming was initiated by the industry, and then various governments timely followed up and formulated national strategies.
        For example, in September 2016, Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft announced the formation of the artificial intelligence industry alliance. In October 2016, the federal government of the United States released the national strategic plan for the research and development of artificial intelligence, and pointed out that artificial intelligence may be at the initial point of the third wave.
        In China, artificial intelligence also appears frequently in the speeches of Party and state leaders. Last year, on the "science and technology three meeting", President Xi Jinping put forward the clarion call to build the world's powerful science and technology, and ran in and out of some key areas.
        Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, believes that artificial intelligence is such an important and subversive field.
        According to pan Yunhe, from a few years ago, when studying projects such as intelligent city, big data, intelligent manufacturing and innovative design, the Chinese Academy of Engineering found that the ultimate technical direction to achieve these projects is artificial intelligence. Therefore, in 2015, the Chinese Academy of engineering set up a major consulting project of "Research on the development strategy of China's artificial intelligence 2.0", making artificial intelligence a national development strategy.
        Today, more than 400 cities in China are building smart cities, and a large market scale has been formed in the fields of search engine, image recognition and voice conversion.
        Experts pointed out that artificial intelligence weapons and equipment will not only bring about changes in the form of future wars, but also lead to changes in military command and decision-making.
        On June 20th, general secretary Xi Jinping, at the first plenary session of the central military civilian integration development committee, elaborated on the phased characteristics of China's civil military integration development, and clearly pointed out that we must accelerate the development of military civilian integration in some important emerging areas.
        Xu Jianping, deputy director of the Department of coordinated development of economy and national defense of the national development and Reform Commission, said that as a typical dual-use front-end technology, artificial intelligence has a deep and wide application prospect in the field of national defense weapons and equipment.
        Zhou Ji also believes that artificial intelligence is the most important dual-use technology for military and civil use in the coming decades.
        Chen Xu said that military artificial intelligence ushered in a period of opportunity. "The United States and Russia and other military powers regard military artificial intelligence as a subversive technology to change the rules of the game. The U.S. Department of defense explicitly regards artificial intelligence and autonomy as two major technical pillars."
        For how to promote the development of military civilian integration of artificial intelligence, Xu Jianping proposed three strengthening measures: first, strengthen the construction of collaborative innovation mechanism and system, learn from the advanced model, and promote the rational flow of innovation elements; second, strengthen the leading project, the first test of high-quality projects; third, strengthen the construction of policy environment. It is reported that there are nearly 4000 relevant policies and measures related to the development of civil military integration in China, but with high repeatability and poor operability, many policies are difficult to implement. Xu Jianping said that the status quo needs to be changed.
        As for the present innovation system, Li Deyi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that this is a top-down scientific research method, which represents the will of the country and leads the frontier. However, it is often difficult to enter the market, especially to form an overall combat effectiveness, when scientific research achievements are finally demonstrated and rewarded. Relatively speaking, he believes that civil military integration starts from innovation, competition in the market, and serves the society and national defense, which is an effective way of innovation.
        Where is the hand
        In 2017, Angela McIntyre, research director of Gartner, an international research consultancy, predicted that all kinds of pilots would become jobs to be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, and astronauts would be the first to be replaced. Several of her criteria include repetition, time-consuming and tedious; real-time decision-making and execution in complex and rapidly changing environments; implementation in accordance with manuals; exceeding human physical limits; and processing highly complex data or processes.
        Li Deyi believes that unmanned piloting in the sea, land and air space meets the above conditions, which is not only related to the people's livelihood, but also reflects the national defense force. Therefore, it should become the starting point for the development of civil military integration in the field of artificial intelligence.
        Zhang Wei, a professor at Northwestern Polytechnic University, also believes that unmanned system should be a breakthrough.
        "From the perspective of military applications, the United States attaches great importance to the development of unmanned systems." Zhang Wei said that since 2000, the United States has released seven versions of the unmanned system roadmap, and has been constantly adjusting

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